Terri schiavo

25 02 2010

I’ve made up a new verb or state of being… Terri schiavo

Terri schiavo– being in a temporary state in which one’s physical and mental faculties are impaired to the point where one is almost in a vegetative state

It can be used in place of words like drunk, hammered, smashed, wasted, fucked up, shitfaced, trashed, plastered, inebriated, etc… I think you see where I going…

Used  in a sentence:
Person 1 “Yo man, what you doing tonight?”
Person 2 “I’m gonna get terri schiavo bro, you?”

Pretty simple… Now go and spread it to the masses… And of course get terri schiavo! It’s thirsty thursday!

R.I.P. Terri Schiavo may your name live on…




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