Bucket list…

4 03 2010

here are some things i wanna do before i die… in no specific order… its a work in progress…

1. drive a zamboni
2. make sweet love to marissa miller
3. do a line of coke off a stripper’s tittie while skydiving into a volcano
4. fornicate with a female of every ethnicity
5. tell tiger woods he has a small penis… to his face
6. travel to uranus
7. become a somalian pirate
8. rob a jewelry and tell them to make me a grill
9. reunite jezzy and gucci
10. g murda & lil wayne on the same track
11. take a dump on laura bush’s chest
12. hijack a spaceship
13. ghost ride the whip over a state line
14. purchase the sunsphere and have constant shenanigans going on inside
15. become the zamboni driver for the winter olympics

now like a said this is a work in progress so let me know if there is anything else i have told you needs to be on my bucket list and isn’t… cuz i’m sure i have…

and once all my bucket list is complete and leave this earth… just ask david, mack, kyle or cb… they know my funeral plans

that junt is tight…




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