If I won the powerball I would…

4 03 2010

– buy the sunsphere and turn that bitch into my crib
– make up a reality tv show
– build some houses for people in chile
– plant some trees in haiti
– 1 red, 1 white, and 1 blue lambo
– a condo in nyc and london
– alot of really random bullshit
– the rights to a minor league women’s soccer team
– 2010 FIFA World Cup Tickets
– some stuff for the fam
Рmillions of acres of land in arizona where i then hire scientists to introduce the kangaroo to the usa
– the Buick company
– a jon boat
– Neverland Ranch
– i would adopt a midget from a underdeveloped country (maybe start a trend)
– a Google Nexxus One (i want one so bad)
– open a five guys on the strip
– go skydiving in new zealand
– go to mars
– buy the rights to surge! and bring that shit back
– run for senate
– bring pluto back
– bribe local politicians
– purchase a small island
– a condo in duabi
– become a professor

just to name a few… the list goes on…

and of course i’d invest some in order to ensure the well-being of my offspring…




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