My take on the whole Pluto’s not a planet thing…

4 03 2010

its some bullshit….

I believe, and remember this is just an opinion, the whole thing was a conspiracy set-up by the textbook companies. See, in 2006 when the whole Pluto’s not a planet thing came about, the science community was in a drought… they had no real solid information, that people gave a shit about, since the early 18th century when ole’ newton was around… so all the top execs from the big 3 textbook companies (McGraw-Hill, ¬†Prentice-Hall & HarperCollins) got together in a secret bunker in minneapolis, minnesota (those minnesotans and their books) and decided to pull one of the most desperation moves know to man…

and thats where the whole pluto’s not a planet thing comes in…

so to all you textbooks execs out there (and we know who you are)… screw you




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