7 04 2010

SO, I’ve decided the ole’ “lol”, “haha”, “rofl”, “roflshijsm”, etc… have gotten old and over used… So the newest of the new on the SMS skreets is haha^2.

Haha^2  verb– laughing really fucking hard

  • Pronuciation- [ha-ha skwaird]
  • Use- Whenever the hell you want*
  • Origin- My mauh fuckin brain

So now to all of you out there in the Blogoshpere,  when an acquaintance of yours decides to send you something ultra-funny send them back a hearty haha^2.

If you have a new, righteous smart phone or something you might even be able to write “haha²”. In that case you may, but just know if you send it to me I will then proceed to SMS you back and call you a “douche”. That’s what you get for having a cooler phone than me…

* If and only if, you’re an AMERICAN!




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