My take on the new Tablet-era…

8 04 2010

Now that everyone has had 5 or so days to shit themselves (including me) over the new iPad, we have seen the future of computing and the integration of revolutionary technology into our daily lives. The iPad is badass! Haha… I don’t think anyone can really say anything else. I mean it is a fresh idea that will get profected as the years go by. The iPod was launched in late 2001 and is now, almost 9 years later, in its 6th generation and has also branched off into different models; Nano, Shuffle, and Touch. So, I think the iPad is now ballin as hell and will continue to go ham on ninjas for years and years to come.

But with that said, I don’t think I will be buying an iPad. I have always been a Windows guy and I am a big fan of Google. Google is doing shit for real. I applaud Apple for being the first in the industry to put out* this revolutionary, which they are quite good at with the iPod accounting for more than 70% of the Mp3 market.

Back to the tablets, the first big alternative to the iPad is the HP Slate. I was not able to find an expected release date, but once again Apple beat PC to the punch fo sho. As with the iPad, I won’t be getting a Slate either. You can choose for yourself from this comparison:

I will rather be waiting on the release of the Google Tablet, also with an unknown release date and just a prototype of what it may look like, but anything from Google is always top tier. The Google Nexxus One (Google’s alternative to the iPhone) is a badass device, it just took them a couple more years than Apple.

buy wisely ninjas! peace!

* I’ve decided I’m going to start italicizing words/phrases in my posts that sound provocative/dirty/crude/etc…




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