What I think about school… in a poem…

23 09 2010

It’s all our life, its all we do
Well that of course, and drinking brew
K through 12 it really blows
Then comes college and fuckin’ hoes
From the age of six, we we’re there all day
And way back then all day we played
Now its hard and it really sucks
Just tryin’ to one day, make the big bucks
It’s boring, it’s tedious, it’s flat-out lame
It makes you feel like the Hunchback of Notre Dame
All awkward and ugly, ringing bells all day
Posted up top like a fresh toupee

So back to school and all its flaws
Fuck this shit lets break some laws
Learning about Abraham Lincoln and his big ole’ hat
And the here-and-there world combat
Wars in countries and I can’t even pronounce
And the difference between a pound and an ounce
Reading, writing, arithmetic
And like Teddy said, “carry a big stick”
Elementary school is quite mediocre
And then you find out your principal’s a smoker
Middle school is a cluster-fuck of bullshit
And I was quite the douchebag, I must admit
High school was a wild ride
Jocks, busy work, and cliques; aside

Now in college shit’s going quite swell
I’ve managed, some how, to stay outta jail
The sun setting is an excuse to drink
Wake up the next day too hazy to think
Go to class, catch a word or five
That’s what I call the college kid jive
Pull all-nighters to cram for exams
Run up in that bitch not giving two damns
Molest your exam like a three dollar whore
Then party like its 1494

So, if you take anything from my spilling of knowledge
Fuck K through 12 make it to COLLEGE
Once you’re there let the rowdiness commence
And please, for God’s sake, use some common sense
These 4 to 6 years will be the best
Just make sure you wake up in time for the test
I leave you now, like a dove be free
And don’t let you GPA fall below your BAC




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