I am Greg Buyck. That’s Bu-yck, pronounced like the GM produced cars (Buick). I know… cool huh?!?

I am a very easy-going person. I love life. I have fun on the regular. My friends are dank.

dank: Adj., used to describe something incredibly good. (UrbanDictionary)

Some things I like/do/cherish/aspire too/want/need/etc:

laughing, being a BAMF, MOBin 24/7, hanging out with my dank friends, making friends, partying like a rockstar, doing what i want, music, friends again, having fun, money, denzel washington, marissa miller, wikipedia, A1 steak sauce, Pf changs china bistro, satire, traveling, fruit snacks, capri sun, flyness, tortelloni, prego pasta sauce, velveeta shells & cheese, texas pete, vanilla coke, bagels, cheese, pirates, flying spaghetti monster, river, da hood, flowin’, pocket tees, triscuits…

just to name a few

I am a student at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville. I am pursuing a major in Finance & International Business and minors in Political Science and Sustainability. If all goes as planned I will one day the Founder and CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

I hope do something good for the world while I’m here and at the same time have some fun and make friends.

Thats me… kinda


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